1 Second Everyday

Last year marked the beginning of a new project where (almost) every day I took a short video clip (a second and a half). At the end of the year, I cut all of them together to create this video which provides a small window into my entire year. There were some big events this year…a move, an engagement, and tons of great views, but a few themes stand out for 2018:

  • Hotels and Airplanes - The number of flights I had last year was a bit staggering (stay tuned for Quantified Self 2018). With my new job in 2019, I’m sure this will be a big change in 2019.

  • Cats - As the Internet is well aware, cats are a never ending supply of joy and entertainment. I’m sure Henry and Charlie will be stars of 2019 as well.

  • Andrea - She’s not going anywhere and I doubt she is going to get any less silly. Prepare to see more faces, dance moves, and singing in 2019.

Check out my year below and stayed tuned for season 2 in January 2020.