Your Phone: a Tool or a Distraction?

I just wanted to share a quick tip that has been useful in my life and is likely applicable to yours. Recently I’ve been concerned with the effect my phone has on my relationships, my mind, and how I spend my time. As such, I have framed this problem in a way which has helped to shift my usage and allow me to catch myself acting in ways (given a contemplative mood) that I would rather not.

Before reaching for my phone, I try to pass my decision through a simple logic I going to use it as a tool or as a distraction?

If the answer is the latter, I will often opt to spend my time more wisely. There are some exceptions to this rule such as, if I am on a plane or on the toilet. I’ll except the waste of a few distracted moments in those cases. But more often than not, I only want to use it if it is aiding me with getting somewhere, learning something, or achieving a goal. That is to say, as a tool.

A variation on this question is just attempting to identify how I will use my phone before I pick it up. I find myself (and I’m sure you do the same) reaching for my phone instinctively. If I can think about why I am reaching for my phone before I do, it can cut off my impulse and make a wiser decision...ideally. None of us are perfect.